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Q. How do I post a task online to Outsource Work and Hourly Paid Jobs?
Q. How do I search employees and freelance candidates for my staffing solutions?
Q. How long will our job post remain on the site?
Q. How do Part Time, Short Term, and Freelance Employees connect with my business and search for their jobs?
Q. I am ready to outsource work, how do I know my registration has been successful.
Q. How can we be sure that online transactions are safe and secure?
Q. I am a recruiter. Can I post a job for temporary work for moms, college students, or professionals on
Q. Tips for Writing or Improving a Job Posting for Freelance Hires, Employment Staffing, and Outsourcing Tasks and Jobs.
Q. How can I increase the response to my job posting?
Q. Who can I contact if I need help registering, posting a new job or hiring freelance employees?
Q. How do I edit my job posting?
Q. How can I leave feedback about the Hiring Experience?
Q. If I fill a position, can I use time left on my job posting for a new job?
Q. As an employer of freelance and project based employees, am I required to fill out a 1099 form?

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Q. Do I need to pay a fee in order to register with or is there free membership to join and work?
Q. I entered my username and password and still cannot login?
Q. How will joining your online job board and creating a profile help me with my career transition in finding the best part time jobs available?
Q. Will any of my profile information be made public?
Q. How do I cancel or delete my account?
Q. Will recruiters have access to my profile?
Q. How do I enable cookies? I am interested in cool jobs, internships, and a career change, but have received a cookies message.
Q. Can foreign national employees apply for jobs and hourly paid jobs through
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