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Welcome To Can U Work Tomorrow

Need to earn some extra cash? Trying to save money for your child's college fund? Or maybe you are looking to pay for next year's vacation? Whatever your reason for extra cash may be, Can U Work Tomorrow will help you fund your dreams, on site, while working interesting, stimulating jobs and projects.

Our Story

Several years ago our founders, Cindy Touma and Karen Frankel, were discussing how they wished there was a way to use their knowledge and skill sets to help them earn some extra cash and put them back in the work force. Resumes and applications were unappealing, recruiters didn't offer flexibility, and the thought of hunting down short term jobs through classified ads was too labor intensive. They looked all over for a service that made it easy for flexible professionals and other moms to connect to local businesses who needed help.

After a couple of years of brainstorming and market testing, they discovered that there were many men and women out looking for a small job just like them. Even more, they found that a wide number of companies who were hungry for professionals to help them out in a pinch. They decided to create a service where businesses could hire quickly and job seekers could make money easily.

Can U Work Tomorrow is dedicated to providing on site project based work opportunities to educated, highly skilled women, moms, and freelance professionals. Whether you are testing the back to work market, interested in freelance, or just need to earn extra cash, we are here to help.

Are You a Business?

Sign your company up under our business tab to list your job for only $35.00 for a single post and as low as $19.95 with one of our corporate packages. Don't pay exorbitant fees elsewhere when you can find qualified professionals instantly after you post your job. Look for our daily deals offers coming soon for all registered businesses who have posted jobs.

Are You Looking For Work?

We take the hassle out of getting back into the workplace with an easy to fill out form. No resumes are required! Getting a job has never been so easy or rewarding with our simple member registration process.

What are you waiting for? Join us as we help connect you to a place where you can work tomorrow. LIFE. WORK. BALANCE, you have heard it before, join today and feel the empowerment.

Meet the Canuworktomorrow Team

Cindy Touma Co-Founder

Text Box:  I co-founded Canuworktomorrow with one of my close friends, Karen Frankel after seeing a need in the current job market, and discovering that no one was meeting it. My idea was to make positive connections with businesses and educated women who needed short-term work and would be available to work tomorrow on site at local businesses. Social profiles instead of resumes are the appeal to our job seekers. Keeping it local, hiring short term work on site is a huge plus for our employers. I love to manage the day to day operations at, constantly working to expand our reach and development. I am determined to change the way companies hire, re-introducing them to brain power ready to work hard and smart.

Succeeding a career at Macy's New York, I left corporate to own and operate my own retail store that offered fabrics, furniture and interior design accessories. I fostered growth in the home design business and kept it going strong for 10 years before I left to pursue a career as a freelance management consultant while raising my children.

After working in retail and consulting, I turned my hand to real estate, becoming a realtor for Sotheby's Prominent Properties. Meeting many women like myself, educated and interested to work and earn money, while keeping a flexible schedule, I was inspired to develop the idea of Canuworktomorrow.

When not looking for the next way to make Canuworktomorrow a national brand, I love to focus on the needs of my family and friends. I am an avid supporter of St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and a graduate with a BS degree from Syracuse University. Canuworktomorow is my new baby and I am very proud of its direction.

Karen Frankel Co-Founder

Text Box:  I share the vision for making Canuworktomorrow a convenient place for employers and potential employees alike to find and get work done.

I am a devoted mother of three, leading a busy life raising my children Alex, Sammy, and Nicky along with maintaining a happy household, numerous pets and a busy husband. I completely identify with other busy women who are looking to find work that is either flexible around school schedules or short-term to work in between other responsibilities.

I began my career in retail, selling works of art for Agam, and selling Judith Ripka jewelry to high profile clients. I pride myself in understanding my job seekers, and spend a lot of time studying and reading up on the current trends of our users.

I believe in giving back, and contribute to a number of charities; including UJA as a Lion, and others.

I am a graduate from Rider University and travels extensively all over the world with my husband. As I travel, I meet women from all over to discuss firsthand how a service that connects people to short-term jobs can boost the global economy.

Mindy Greenblatt Contributor, Partner

Text Box:  A go-getter from the start, Mindy partnered with Canuworktomorrow because she shared the same dream with the founders - help connect individuals for a mutual benefit of completing short-term jobs. Known for her deep understanding of developing service-based businesses, Mindy is always at hand at Canuworktomorrow, ready with a quick answer to nearly every question.

Mindy started her career in the music business. She worked with high-profile artists at a record label, eventually evolving into management and consultant work for well-known singers and musicians. When she gets to know a company or individual, she delves deep - doing all the research necessary to bring a solution and success to any problem.

Her work as a researcher is valuable to Canuworktomorrow, because she know how to make an ideal match between potential employee and employer.

When she isn't helping build Canuworktomorrow and fostering its social growth, Mindy likes to contribute to Help USA, Gilda's Club, and a number of children's charities. She plays gin semi-professionally and enjoys a good game of tennis. She has a communications degree from Ohio University.

Nina Rosen Contributor, Administrator, Partner

Text Box:  Nina currently works full time at Bard Graduate Center as a Development Associate. She has a BS from Lehigh, and a Masters from NYU. She handled all the early administration of Canuworktomorrow and contributed many insightful blogs. Nina resides in New York City.

Heather Prantis Contributor

Text Box:  A jack-of-all-trades, Heather works hard at staying plugged in, well, just about everything. When she is not working at her day job as an office manager for law firm, she is blogging, digging up research, doing a little bookkeeping, and constantly staying busy.

Heather stays sharp by using words and numbers - for the last 15 years she has held some type of accounting capacity in bookkeeping or managing money. When numbers aren't on the table, words always are. She crafts blog posts and articles for a number of sites, incorporating some of those numbers in the form of statistics and research as she goes along.

That's not to say Heather doesn't take a break once and a while. One of her favorite pastimes is going to the movies on a lazy Sunday morning. The rest of the time, between her management work and blogging at Canuworktomorrow, Heather keeps on her toes.

Heather's strong work ethic has allowed her to work full-time while attending school full time at Arizona State University, obtaining a degree in Psychology with minors in accounting, business, and philosophy. Stay tuned to hear more about Canuworktomorrow and how they can help you find work or get work done.



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